For a long time we have been looking for a solution to recycling bodyboards. We are pleased to report that we have found a way and are proud to be the first company to launch a 100% recycling scheme.

In 2019 we stopped all production of EPS boards. Since then we have only manufactured more durable slick back XPE , IXPE and EVA bodyboards. As a responsible supplier we continue to provide advice and user guidelines to help our customers maintain our boards, ensuring they last for many years, as intended.

Returned preloved boards which still have plenty of life will be rehomed keeping them in circulation.

Unfortunately, some bodyboards do come to the end of their life and we have worked hard to find a sustainable solution.

This scheme will see retired bodyboards stripped into components and sent separately onto their next life. EPS elements will go into making insulation while other parts will go into creating electricity to go back in to the grid.

If you would like to recycle your TWF or Sola bodyboard please return it to the address below and we will do the rest!


TWF International Ltd – Bodyboard recycling

Moorswater Industrial Estate, Liskeard, Cornwall PL14 4LN